Did you know that the music of crickets can tell us about the weather?  Follow these instructions to determine the temperature without a thermometer!

  1. Count how many chirps you hear from a single chirping cricket in 15 seconds.
  2. Add that number of chirps to 37.  This will be near the actual temperature in Fahrenheit.
  3. Do this several times and keep a record.  Answer the following questions:
  • Are the cricket chirps slower or faster when the temperature drops?
  • When crickets slow down, is the pitch of their chirp lower or higher?
  • Would the chirps be considered Largo, Allegro, or Presto?

Hope you enjoy!

Musically yours,

Katie Miller

*Cricket Music is an adaptation of an article found in the Keyboard Kids’ Companion, July/August 2011, Clavier Companion, Volume 3, Number 4, Ed. Pete Jutras.