*No online KeyNote activity next week due to workshops.*

This week’s KN point will seem very familiar to Marie’s old students, and it will be an exciting new adventure for everyone else!  Beside you on the desk you will see a pile of “Piano Explorer” magazines.  There is one for each student to take.  You have 15 minutes right now to start reading through it!  (Some of you may even have a half an hour.)  To earn your point, find your age in the groups below, complete one activity, and bring the magazine back to your next lesson (in 2 weeks).  You can do the Explorer activities at any time, but only in your next lesson will you get a KN Point for completion, so remember to bring it along.  Happy reading!

Age 6 and under (with the help of parent):

  • Complete Word Search on p. 15 -OR-
  • Draw a picture in your notebook of your favorite part of the Bach story pp. 2-5

Age 7-10:

  • Complete Scale Puzzle on p. 6 (steps 1 AND 2) – OR –
  • Complete Dynamics Maze on p. 9

Age 11-13:

  • Listen to all pieces on pp. 4-5 under “Listen to Bach”, make comments on each in your notebook and pick your favorite – OR-
  • Complete Bach Quiz on p. 13

Age 14 and up:

  • Compose like Bach using guidelines on p. 7 – you may either print staff paper at home here or ask me for some in your lesson -OR-
  • Learn the piece on pp. 10-11 – you must be able to play the entire piece with few mistakes and much musicality by your next lesson