*Younger students see below.

This KN point is for older students who are familiar with creating online accounts.

To earn the point, I would like you to set up an account on NoteFlight.com.  This website is a composing tool that will make it simpler for you to write music, and we’ll be able to share the music over the internet.

You may either follow the link above or find the link in the side bar. Simply click on “Sign up Now” to create the account (be sure to sign up for a NoteFlight account and NOT a Crescendo account).  You will need to use an e-mail address to sign up.

You may either write down your username and password on your notecard at the studio or tell me your username (along with your name) under “Students Only”.

*Younger students (or those uncomfortable creating an account) may  follow this link to MusicTheory.net and choose an exercise to play.  Play the game for at least 1 minute.  Either write down the name of the exercise you played and your final percentage grade in the notebook or post it under “Students Only” with your first name.