Please take a Piano Explorer from the desk and complete one project from your age group below.  Remember that you will only get a KN point next week for November’s magazine.  Notice the optional choices for all students at the bottom (an option from that list may replace the options in your category).  Happy reading!

Age 6 and under (with the help of parent):

  • Draw a picture using musical symbols like the one found on p.7 -OR-
  • Circle all of the ties in “Beautiful Day” on p.9 -OR-
  • Draw a picture in your notebook of your favorite part of the Haydn story pp. 2-3

Age 7-10:

  • Complete the Musical Sudoku at the top of p.13 – OR –
  • Learn the exercise on p.10 and play it for me at your next lesson – OR –
  • Complete quiz on p. 15

Age 11-13:

  • Complete the Musical Sudoku on the bottom of p.13  – OR-
  • Write an E Major scale using the whole/half step pattern on p.8 – OR –
  • Listen to the links on for the music on p.11.  Pick your favorite piece in the Classical style and your favorite piece in the Sturm and Drang style.

Age 14 and up:

  • Learn the piece on pp. 6-7 – you must be able to play the entire piece with few mistakes and much musicality by your next lesson. -OR-
  • Listen to Haydn’s Surprise Symphony (p.14) at  Write 4 comments about it in your notebook.

ALL STUDENTS (optional):

  • Submit a composition following the guidelines on p.4.
  • Submit artwork or jokes using the information found on p.7.