Please take a Piano Explorer from the desk and complete one project from your age group below.  Remember that you will only get a KN point next week for November’s magazine.  Notice the alternate option for all students at the bottom.  Happy reading!

Age 6 and under (with the help of parent):

  • Play the fingering game on p. 7 and tell me about it -OR-
  • Draw a picture in your notebook of your favorite part of the Ravel story pp. 2-3

Age 7-10:

  • Practice “Balance Between the Hands” on p. 7 and play the exercise for me in your lesson – OR –
  • Listen to one Ravel piece (at in the Listening Corner on p. 14 and write a sentence or two in your notebook – OR –
  • Complete quiz on p. 15

Age 11-13:

  • Listen to one “Romeo and Juliet” (at piece listed on p. 5 and journal about it in your notebook  – OR-
  • Complete and practice the minor scales on the bottom of p. 6 and play them for me next week – OR –
  • Play the game on p. 7 with a friend (upper right-hand corner) and tell me how many you can name.  Or you may learn the names of ALL of the symbols and recite them for me next week.

Age 14 and up:

  • Learn one of the pieces on pp. 8-9 – you must be able to play the entire piece with few mistakes and much musicality by your next lesson. -OR-
  • Listen to one piece performed by a pianist on pp. 10-11 (at and journal about it in your notebook. – OR –
  • Complete the puzzle on the top half of p. 13.


  • Another option to earn this week’s KN point is on p. 12.  Read how to compose in ABA form and write a short composition using that form.  This will prepare you for the Outstanding Pianist coming up in April!