You may get to this week’s KN point in two ways.  One way is to click on “Classics for Kids” on the side bar and find “This Week’s Show” on Dmitri Kabalevsky.  Another, simpler way is to click here.  If you want to follow the listening map on the worksheet, be sure to listen to The Comedians under “Hear the Music.”

Read through the Classics for Kids worksheet and listen to the entire show (use headphones if you are at the studio).  Then take the 3 question quiz on that page.  (Leave the worksheet on the desk…if you want to complete the activities, write your answers down in your own notebook.)

Report your score:  leave a reply under Students Only with your first name and the number of questions right, or you may write it down on the notebook paper on the desk.

If you post or write down your score, you will get a KN point.  Enjoy listening!

*There are March Explorers left in case you forgot to grab one last week.*

Outstanding Pianist Information:

The OP competition is no longer required but is highly recommended for students ages 8 and older. Those competing will no longer be required to complete the recording portion of the competition (a composition is still required, just no recording of it).  Remember, you can’t win if you don’t compete!