Please take a Piano Explorer from the desk and complete one project from your age group below.  Remember that you will only get a KN point next week for April’s magazine.  Happy reading!

Age 6 and under (with the help of parent):

  • Complete the “Memory Notes” section on p. 5 -OR-
  • Draw a picture in your notebook of your favorite part of the Mendelssohn story pp. 2-3

Age 7-10:

  • Complete the sharp and flat exercises found on p. 5 – OR –
  • Complete the word search on p. 11 – OR –
  • Complete quiz on p. 15

Age 11-13:

  • Read through “Thumb Crossing” and play the exercises at the bottom of p. 7 in your lesson next week  – OR-
  • Complete the puzzle on the bottom of p. 13 – OR –
  • Listen to one of the pieces at that is listed on p. 14.  Write a sentence or two about the piece in your notebook.

Age 14 and up:

  • Learn one piece from pp. 8-9 – you must be able to play the entire piece with few mistakes and much musicality by your next lesson. -OR-
  • Create your own 12-tone row using the guidelines on the bottom of p. 12 Ask me if you need staff paper or print some here. – OR –
  • Listen to one of the pieces at that is listed on p. 12 under “Chromaticism”.  Write a two or three sentence reaction in your notebook.

*You have 3 more weeks to earn KN points!*