This week is full of fundraisers, competitions, dances, food, and all sorts of events as Ellendale’s Apple Fest unfolds.  I would like you to think about all of the events that include music and how that makes a difference in your experience (whether it’s for a dance, a sporting event, or in someone’s iPod as they run the road race) and then answer this week’s journal question.

Write your answer in your lesson notebook or type it under Students OnlyThis week’s journal question:  Which kind of event do you think would change the most if we eliminated music from our society, and why?  You may choose any event that takes place in your local town or one that you have traveled to attend.  Grades 2-5 should write at least 3 sentences; grades 6-12 should write at least 5 sentences; younger students may have help from parents in writing sentences.

Also this week:

  • K-3 workshop on Friday at the Opera House, 4-5pm.  We will continue learning about the piano and enjoy touring Chef Figaro’s kitchen!  No pre-registration necessary – feel free to drop in!