You have all been back in lessons for 3 weeks now and many of you have been keeping up on your Perfect Practice Logs as well.  That’s fantastic!  This week I would like you to think about your practice time carefully before you answer the journal question.

Write your answer in your lesson notebook or type it under Students OnlyThis week’s journal question:  What have you noticed works best when you’re trying to complete the minutes suggested on your practice log (practice same time every day, crossing it off a list, etc.)?  What does not work (playing too much at one time, forgetting to practice, etc.)?  Grades 2-5 should write at least 3 sentences; grades 6-12 should write at least 5 sentences; younger students may have help from parents in writing sentences.

Also this week:

  • Bills and reports will be handed out this week and are due next week.
  • 4-12 workshop on Friday at the Opera House, 4-5pm.  We will begin composition and learning about the history of Mozart and his music.  No pre-registration necessary – feel free to drop in!