For those of you unfamiliar with Piano Explorers, they are magazines written just for students like you to learn more about music history and playing the piano!  Be sure to grab one before you leave your lesson this week, because they must be completed by your next lesson to earn a KN point.

Students in K-4 can complete any or all of the following to earn a KN point:

  • Read pgs. 2-3 and tell me your favorite part of the Saint-Saens story.
  • Pg. 4:  Either follow the steps in using a metronome or complete the word scramble.
  • Pg. 7: Complete all 3 exercises.
  • Pg. 10: Read “Song or Piece” and complete exercise.
  • Pg. 14: Read the poem about Mozart and then write your own poem.

Students in grades 5-12 can complete any or all of the following to earn a KN point:

  • Pg. 8-9: Learn the piece written by 11-year-old Justin Hung
  • Pg. 11: Go to to listen to “Danse Macabre” (or find it on YouTube).  You may either write 4-5 sentences about the music or draw a picture of what you imagine while listening.
  • Pg. 13: Complete the word search.
  • Pg. 15: Complete the 5-question quiz.

Also this week:

  • Fall newsletters are out.  Click here to view.
  • K-3 workshop at the Opera House on Friday, October 5, at 4pm.
  • Bills due this week.
  • Time to start thinking about competing in Outstanding Pianist.  Pick the piece you want to perform and start learning it!