While attending a music teachers’ conference this past week, I learned some things about how young people learn music.  All of us as infants, toddlers, and young children are able to learn new languages (like music) just by hearing it.  How cool!

Write your answer in your lesson notebook or type it under Students OnlyThis week’s journal question:  What is the earliest you remember hearing music?  What song can you remember learning first as a child?  Grades 2-5 should write at least 3 sentences; grades 6-12 should write at least 5 sentences; younger students may have help from parents in writing sentences.

Also this week:

  • Sign-up to play Christmas music at the Opera House after the Parade of Lights!
  • Sofi’s lesson has been moved to Tuesday at 6:15
  • Connor and Wren’s lessons have been moved to Thursday at 4:15.
  • Sumptions lessons have been moved to 12:30 on Friday.