I trust that you all had a fantastic break!  Good job to those who competed in the Outstanding Pianist competition on Saturday.  You all did great!  (Remember, the winner will be announced at the spring recital; I know it’s a long ways away but it’s worth the wait.)  Now, let’s get back into the swing of things – here’s your first journal of 2013.

Write your answer in your lesson notebook or type it under Students OnlyThis week’s journal question:  Write about how music impacts the holidays. Would church, school, or riding in the car be the same without Christmas music?  Grades 2-5 should write at least 3 sentences; grades 6-12 should write at least 5 sentences; younger students may have help from parents in writing sentences.

Also this week:

  • Guild sign-up this week.  We will pick program sizes next week.
  • Piano Day sign-up this week and next week.  This is for late elementary students only; a great, low-key playing experience!