Here is the schedule for lessons this week:


  • Workshop (at the farm) 4:15-5:15. Attending:  Teagan, Evan, Grace, and Avery.
  • Make up lessons for Teagan and Evan 5:15-6:15


  • Workshop (at the Opera House) 4:00-5:00. Attending:  Desa, Madi, Chelsey, Miranda, Marissa, Tristan, Sofia, Liana, Logan, Wren, Connor
  • Make up lesson for Chelsey 5:00-5:30.


  • Make-up Workshop for Emily, Calli, Caleb, and Taylor 3:45-4:45.
  • Make up lesson for Calli 4:45-5:15

Bills are due next week.

Have wonderful Good Friday and Easter celebrations! I will see you next week at your regular lesson time.