General Information

My name is Katie Miller and I grew up on a farm just south of Forbes.  I have played organ in my home church since the 8th grade and now enjoy playing for church and other community events around Ellendale.  I love accompanying singers and choirs.  And I love listening to music just as much as I love to make it.

I now live on a farm west of Ellendale with my husband, Brett.  He enjoys singing in the choir I direct at the Church of the Nazarene.

My Experience

I studied from 2nd grade until I graduated high school with the late Mrs. Marie Schlosser of Frederick.  While studying with her I participated in Festivals, competitions involving concerto performances and solo repertoire, and obtained my high school diploma through Guild Auditions.

I continued my education by attending Northern State University where I studied with Dr. Marcela Faflak for four years.  Under her instruction I competed in local and state competitions and honed my skills in the areas of Piano Pedagogy and Literature.  I graduated from Northern in May 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music Education with an emphasis in piano.

I have been teaching piano lessons since 2006. I also enjoyed teaching music in a nearby public school for 2 years. I have experience with all ages, preschool to adult, with keyboard and all band instruments, and with all playing levels and abilities.

In my spare time…

I enjoy using my hands any way I can. I tend to my garden during the summer.  I like taking walks, riding in the tractor (or driving alongside my husband), and playing with our beautiful daughters. When I’m inside I like to cook from scratch and sew by hand.

Interested in a music class or another musical service I offer? Contact me here.


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