Beginning Band

Beginning Band is an exciting time for music students (starting at age 9)! This class will focus primarily on learning a real band instrument and playing with an ensemble. Students aged 9 and 10 may also enroll in Mini Mozarts.

Some things you might want to know:

After 2 years of Beginning Band, students will join the Band Ensemble.

Each class will be 30 minutes each week for 6 weeks.

You will be responsible for obtaining your own instrument, whether by purchasing or by renting from a reputable instrument shop such as Taylor Music in Aberdeen or Eckroth Music in Fargo. You will also be expected to purchase an Essential Elements method book (the purple book) for their instrument.

Other costs: The cost of the class is $14/student. Method books are $6.00. You may purchase your book yourself or buy it from me. Students may also enroll in Mini Mozarts and receive a 50% discount on the cost of this class.

Optional: If students wish to continue their study of theory they may purchase Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory (purchase CDs if you wish to utilize the ear training portions) and I will make time to correct worksheets and answer questions as needed.

Students will be expected to practice at home for a minimum of 10 minutes/6 days a week.

Here’s an informative video demonstrating the different band instruments:

Click on an instrument below to learn more about if you’d be suited to play it and what to look for in renting or buying.



Alto Saxophone (If you have a Tenor, students may start on that, but younger students are better to start on Alto. Since all saxophones are played the same way, students can easily switch later in their careers.)

Trumpet (A good choice if students are considering French horn.)


Baritone (A good choice if students think they might want to play tuba in the future.)


Guitar (Rhythm)

Bass Guitar

Oboe or Bassoon

Contact KeyNote Studio to register for this class.

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