Alto Saxophone

The Alto saxophone is medium-pitched in a large family of instruments (others include tenor, baritone, and soprano). The saxophone is a forgiving instrument that can be embraced by serious learners and light-hearted students alike.

Physical features to consider: all lip sizes and student sizes are suitable. Younger/smaller students should start on Alto even if they intend to play Tenor later on. There’s no need to hold a heavier instrument when a lighter one will do.

When buying or renting: If buying used, please make sure that you have all of the pads and keys checked for leaks by a professional. When buying reeds, opt for a hardness of 2-2 1/2 or medium soft. All saxophonists also need to own their own neck strap.

Extra equipment: Students should always have a box of reeds in their case as well as soft cloth cleaning equipment. Folding music stands are optional.

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