Mini Mozarts

Mini Mozarts is a music class for budding musicians (ages 7-10). Students will get a varied music education with each semester focusing on something new! Students aged 9 and 10 may also enroll in Beginning Band.

Some things you might want to know:

Each class will be 30 minutes every week for 6 weeks.

Your Mini Mozart will learn fun children’s songs, pitch recognition, and from a variety of musical concepts/topics chosen from the following: rhythm sticks, handbell choir, bucket band, recorder choir, composition, music theory, critical listening, composer study, and musical era (Baroque, Classical, Romantic) study.

See the registration form or contact me to find out what this semester’s focus is!

Supplies needed: folder and a pencil

Costs: Payments will be made before the first class of the semester at the rate of $20/student. If students are also enrolled in Beginning Band, they will receive a 50% discount on the Beginning Band class cost.

Contact KeyNote Studio to register.

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