Mini Mozarts

Mini Mozarts is a music class for budding musicians (ages 7-10). Students will continue to learn age-appropriate songs and do composer studies as well as get their first experiences with ensemble performance! Students aged 9 and 10 may also enroll in Beginning Band.

Some things you might want to know:

Each class will be 40 minutes, taking place every other week.

Your Mini Mozart will learn fun children’s songs, pitch recognition, music theory, composer history, classical music appreciation, and a musical instrument! Students may join Mini Mozarts for the first time in the 2nd semester, but realize that we will start learning our instruments in the fall semester and continue to improve upon them in the spring.

Students will be expected to practice at home for a minimum of 10 minutes/4 days a week.

Instruments will be taught in a 4-year cycle so that students can enjoy learning a new instrument in this class every year their age permits! 2017-2018 is Cycle A. Instruments are as follows:

  • Cycle A – Rhythm Sticks ($3-4 for fluted/straight pair of rhythm sticks)
  • Cycle B – Handbells ($3 for white handbell gloves)
  • Cycle C – Bucket Band ($3 for drumsticks, provide your own 5-gallon plastic pail)
  • Cycle D – Recorders ($3-5 for plastic recorder)

Costs: Payments will be made before the first class of the semester at the rate of $14/student. If students are also enrolled in Beginning Band, they will receive a 50% on the Beginning Band class cost. Students will need to pay for their current instrument as well as a $3 ‘paper’ fee for music i provide. Students provide their own pencil and folder designated specifically for music class.

Contact KeyNote Studio to register.

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