If you are interested in these services or know someone who is, take a moment to read through my Wedding Music Contract.


Your wedding music can be divided into three different sections:  prelude/postlude music, processional/recessional music, and accompanying singers.  The rate of providing music for one of these sections is $50, providing music for two sections is $75, and for all three sections (the entire ceremony) is $100.

Every time that I must travel farther than 60 miles from my home for rehearsals and ceremonies, there will be a charge of $0.15 per mile.  A bill will be issued the day before the wedding and is requested to be paid no later than 30 days after it’s issued.


I own a lot of music that could be possible choices for you, but if you choose something that I do not own, the music must be provided*.  I must receive musical selections and copies of music at least 1 month prior to the date of your wedding.  If anything is received after that, a $25 charge will be added to the bill.

*Try when finding music for singers.

Click here to access a playlist of possible piano pieces that I may play for your wedding prelude and postlude.


For your wedding I can play piano, organ, and accompany singers or instrumentalists.

Piano – I would like up to a half hour of access to the piano in your church before the rehearsal.  If there is practice with singers, then this section is fulfilled.

Organ – I will need access to the organ in your church for 2 hours anytime before the rehearsal.  The 2 hours immediately prior the rehearsal work great for practice time.

Singers/instrumentalists – I will need one rehearsal (preferably in the church) before the day of your wedding.

Transposing – I can transpose any piece of music to a key that works better for the range of your vocalist(s).  However, in order to do this I will need the accompaniment 2 months prior to the date of your wedding.

Contact Information

If you expect me to set my own practice times, I must receive contact information for any singers/instrumentalists that I am accompanying as well as the number for a contact at the location of your ceremony.  This information may be provided when you give me your music.

Contact me here.


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